The Bovine Genome Database

Image of L1 and Dominette

The Bovine Genome Database supports the efforts of bovine genomics researchers by providing data mining, genome navigation and annotation tools for the bovine reference genome based on the hereford cow, L1 Dominette 01449.

BGD provides tools for data mining (BovineMine), sequence database searching (BLAST), genome browsing (JBrowse) and annotation (Apollo). The bovine reference genome assembly has been revised several times. BovineMine v1.6 includes both the ARS-UCD1.2 and UMD3.1 genome assemblies. JBrowse is also available for both ARS-UCD1.2 and UMD3.1

BovineMine integrates the genome assemblies with a variety of data sources, including genes, proteins, orthologs, pathways, gene ontology, gene expression, interactions, variants, QTL and publications. The goal of BovineMine is to accelerate genomics analysis by enabling researchers without scripting skills to create and export customized annotation datasets merged with their own research data for use in downstream analyses. BovineMine allows researchers to leverage the curated gene pathways of model organisms (e.g. human, mouse and rat) based on orthology, and is especially useful for GO and pathway analyses in conjunction with GWAS and QTL studies. BovineMine also includes reference genomes of sheep and goat so researchers can leverage information across ruminants. 

A chapter on Bovine Genome Database in the Methods in Molecular Biology volume "Eukaryotic Genomic Databases" focuses on BovineMine:   
Hagen D.E., Unni D.R., Tayal A., Burns G.W., Elsik C.G. (2018) Bovine Genome Database: Tools for Mining the Bos taurus Genome. In: Kollmar M. (eds) Eukaryotic Genomic Databases. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1757. Humana Press, New York, NY. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7737-6_9

A free preprint is available here.

Please cite the use of BGD, including BovineMine, JBrowse, Apollo, BLAST and other BGD tools:  
Shamimuzzaman M, Le Tourneau JJ, Unni DR, Diesh CM, Triant DA, Walsh AT, Tayal A, Conant GC, Hagen DE, Elsik CG, Bovine Genome Database: new annotation tools for a new reference genome, Nucleic Acids Research, gkz944, [Advanced Access]